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This site has info right now about WWII generals, WWII aces, Weapons/ guns and Vehicle, Battles, and a time line.

This site will have a lot of information about World War II. It is dedicated to World War II Veterans and preserving the history of the war.

Recording Veterans
If you know a veteran of World War I, World War II, or of other wars or conflicts, take some time to sit and listen to them. Then find a way to record their story. Make a recording or video or just write it down on paper. We don't lose want to lose these important stories.

FACT: About 1,000 WWII veterans die each day
If you would like to learn more about what the US Library of Congress is doing to collect these stories. Please check out their Web site for more information.

Library of Congress Veterans History Project

World War II Videos







World War II was the biggest conflict in history. Millions of people were killed from a time period of 1 September 1939 - 2 September 1945.

The United States did not enter the war until 1941 (Pearl Harbor).


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